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IIFA introduced the Lifetime Achievement Award in the 1st IIFA Awards (2000).

Lata Mangeshkar became the first recipient of the IIFA Lifetime Achievement Award.

The IIFA Lifetime Achievement Award was not awarded in the 17th IIFA Awards (2016), 18th IIFA Awards (2017) and 21st IIFA Awards (2021).

Afterword, the IIFA Award for Lifetime Achievement Award has not been awarded until now.

Winners – IFFA Lifetime Achievement Award

Winners of the 2000s

IIFA AwardRecipientOccupation
1st IIFA Awards (2000)Lata MangeshkarPlayback Singer
1st IIFA Awards (2000)Sunil DuttActor
2nd IIFA Awards (2001)Shammi KapoorActor
2nd IIFA Awards (2001)Waheeda RehmanActress
3rd IIFA Awards (2002)SadhanaActress
3rd IIFA Awards (2002)Yash ChopraProducer,
4th IIFA Awards (2003)Dev AnandAction,
4th IIFA Awards (2003)Laxmikant-PyarelalMusic Director
5th IIFA Awards (2004)Dilip KumarActor
5th IIFA Awards (2004)Yash JoharProducer,
6th IIFA Awards (2005)Shabana AzmiActress
6th IIFA Awards (2005)V.K. MurthyCinematographer
7th IIFA Awards (2006)Asha ParekhActress
8th IIFA Awards (2007)DharmendraActor
8th IIFA Awards (2007)Basu ChatterjeeDirector
9th IIFA Awards (2008)MumtazActress
9th IIFA Awards (2008)Shyam BenegalDirector
10th IIFA Awards (2009)Rajesh KhannaActor

Winners of the 2010s

IIFA AwardRecipientOccupation
11th IIFA Awards (2010)Zeenat AmanActress
12th IIFA Awards (2011)Asha BhoslePlayback Singer
Sharmila TagoreActress
13th IIFA Awards (2012)RekhaActress
14th IIFA Awards (2013)Javed AkhtarLyricist,
15th IIFA Awards (2014)Shatrughan SinhaActor
16th IIFA Awards (2015)Subhash GhaiProducer,
17th IIFA Awards (2016)Not awarded
18th IIFA Awards (2017)Not awarded
19th IIFA Awards (2018)Anupam KherActor
20th IIFA Awards (2019)JagdeepActor
20th IIFA Awards (2019)Saroj KhanChoreographer

Winners of the 2020s

IIFA AwardRecipient
21st IIFA Awards (2021)Not awarded
22nd IIFA Awards (2022)Coming up
18-22 March 2022

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  • The following artists also won the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award before or after receiving the IIFA Lifetime Achievement Award:
    1. Asha Bhosle – Playback Singer
    2. Asha Parekh – Actress
    3. Dev Anand – Actor
    4. Dharmendra – Actor
    5. Dilip Kumar – Actor
    6. Javed Akhtar – Lyricist, Screenwriter
    7. Lata Mangeshkar – Playback Singer
    8. Mumtaz – Actress
    9. Rajesh Khanna – Actor
    10. Rekha – Actress
    11. Shabana Azmi – Actress
    12. Shammi Kapoor – Actor
    13. Sharmila Tagore – Actress
    14. Shatrughan Sinha – Actor
    15. Sunil Dutt – Actor
    16. Waheeda Rehman – Actress
    17. Yash Chopra – Producer, Director
  • Shammi Kapoor and Waheeda Rehman received the IIFA Lifetime Achievement Award in the 2nd IIFA Awards (2001).

The following artists won the IIFA Lifetime Achievement Award after they received the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award:

NameIIFA Lifetime Achievement AwardFILMFARE Lifetime Achievement Award
Asha Bhosle12th IIFA Awards (2011)46th Filmfare Awards (2001)
Asha Parekh7th IIFA Awards (2006)47th Filmfare Awards (2002)
Dev Anand4th IIFA Awards (2003)39th Filmfare Awards (1994)
Dharmendra8th IIFA Awards (2007)43rd Filmfare Awards (1998)
Dilip Kumar5th IIFA Awards (2004)40th Filmfare Awards (1994)
Javed Akhtar14th IIFA Awards (2013)52nd Filmfare Awards (2007)
Lata Mangeshkar1st IIFA Awards (2000)40th Filmfare Awards (1994)
Mumtaz9th IIFA Awards (2008)43rd Filmfare Awards (1998)
Rajesh Khanna10th IIFA Awards (2009)50th Filmfare Awards (2005)
Rekha13th IIFA Awards (2012)48th Filmfare Awards (2003)
Shammi Kapoor2nd IIFA Awards (2001)41st Filmfare Awards (1995)
Sharmila Tagore12th IIFA Awards (2011)44th Filmfare Awards (1999)
Sunil Dutt1st IIFA Awards (2000)42nd Filmfare Awards (1997)
Waheeda Rehman2nd IIFA Awards (2001)41st Filmfare Awards (1995)

The following artists won the IIFA Lifetime Achievement Award before they received the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award:

NameIIFA Lifetime Achievement AwardFilmfare Lifetime Achievement Award
Shabana Azmi6th IIFA Awards (2005)51st Filmfare Awards (2006)
Shatrughan Sinha15th IIFA Awards (2014)62nd Filmfare Awards (2017)
Yash Chopra3rd IIFA Awards (2002)58th Filmfare Awards (2013)

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