Upcoming New Hindi (Bollywood) Movies 2023 and 2024


Here is the list of upcoming New Hindi Movies 2023 and 2024 with release dates. These films are ready to be released either on the OTT Platforms on in Cinemas. The list provides the release date of upcoming New Bollywood Movies 2023. The list also includes upcoming Bollywood Movies of 2024.


Latest New Hindi Bollywood Movies

List of Upcoming Hindi (Bollywood) Movies 2023 with Release Dates

Upcoming Bollywood Movies 2023 with release date Release Dates. These dates are tentative and subject to change.

Release date

in India
FilmReleasing Platform
11 August 2023Gadar 2In Cinemas
11 August 2023OMG 2In Cinemas
15 August 2023GuardIn Cinemas
25 August 2023Vicky Kaushal UntitledIn Cinemas
25 August 2023Dream Girl 2In Cinemas
30 August 2023Footprints on WaterIn Cinemas
31 August 2023Ae Watan Mere WatanIn Cinemas
31 August 2023DespatchIn Cinemas
31 August 2023Fire of Love RedIn Cinemas
31 August 2023GhudChadiIn Cinemas
31 August 2023Kusum Ka BiyaahIn Cinemas
31 August 2023SanaaIn Cinemas
31 August 2023TibbaIn Cinemas
1 September 2023Friday Night PlanIn Cinemas
1 September 2023Mystery of TattooIn Cinemas
1 September 2023Love AllIn Cinemas
1 September 2023Twelve HoursIn Cinemas
3 September 2023Laapataa LadiesIn Cinemas
5 September 2023Happy Teachers’ DayIn Cinemas
7 September 2023HaddiIn Cinemas
7 September 2023JawanIn Cinemas
9 September 2023TipsyIn Cinemas
14 September 2023Ishq Vishk ReboundIn Cinemas
14 September 2023Jeevan Bheema YojanaIn Cinemas
15 September 2023SriIn Cinemas
19 September 2023IttarIn Cinemas
19 September 2023Mom’s ComingIn Cinemas
20 September 2023Ishq ChakallasIn Cinemas
22 September 2023Bhagwan BharoseIn Cinemas
22 September 2023Luv you Shankar
In Cinemas
22 September 2023The Great Indian FamilyIn Cinemas
22 September 2023SukheeIn Cinemas
25 September 2023Sumo DidiIn Cinemas
27 September 2023Bandit ShakuntalaIn Cinemas
28 September 2023Hisaab BarabarIn Cinemas
28 September 2023Pyaar Hai Toh HaiIn Cinemas
28 September 2023RoomIn Cinemas
28 September 2023SalaarIn Cinemas
28 September 2023SonIn Cinemas
28 September 2023The Film That Never WasIn Cinemas
28 September 2023The Vaccine WarIn Cinemas
29 September 2023Bhagwat: Chapter One-RaakshasIn Cinemas
29 September 2023Shastry Viruddh ShastryIn Cinemas
30 September 2023Ae Kaash Ke HumIn Cinemas
30 September 2023Badass RaviKumarIn Cinemas
30 September 2023Crakk: Jeetegaa Toh JiyegaaIn Cinemas
30 September 2023Do AjnabeeIn Cinemas
30 September 2023Kun Faya KunIn Cinemas
30 September 2023Mission LailaIn Cinemas
30 September 2023Patna ShuklaIn Cinemas
30 September 2023RomeoS3In Cinemas
30 September 2023SafedIn Cinemas
30 September 2023SangeenIn Cinemas
30 September 2023TapsIn Cinemas
30 September 2023TantraIn Cinemas
30 September 2023The ArchiesIn Cinemas
30 September 2023The वरGin TreeIn Cinemas
2 October 2023U Shape Ki GullyIn Cinemas
3 October 2023Golmaal 5In Cinemas
4 October 2023Jaaiye Aap Kahan JaayengeIn Cinemas
5 October 2023DonoIn Cinemas
5 October 2023The Great Indian RescueIn Cinemas
6 October 2023Thank You For ComingIn Cinemas
6 October 2023YaatrisIn Cinemas
7 October 2023Ek AnkIn Cinemas
7 October 2023KhufiyaIn Cinemas
12 October 2023MaidaanIn Cinemas
13 October 2023BombayIn Cinemas
14 October 2023Bas Karo AuntyIn Cinemas
15 October 2023Ek Kori Prem KathaIn Cinemas
15 October 2023Miss Massakalli TripathiIn Cinemas
17 October 2023Jo Tera Hai Woh Mera HaiIn Cinemas
19 October 2023Leo: Bloody Sweet
[Hindi Dubbed]
In Cinemas
20 October 2023Ganapath-Part 1In Cinemas
Smart KillerIn Cinemas
20 October 2023TejasIn Cinemas
20 October 2023Untitled Shahid KapoorIn Cinemas
20 October 2023Yaariyan 2In Cinemas
21 October 2023Smart KillerIn Cinemas
21 October 2023The Buckingham MurdersIn Cinemas
22 October 2023GhamasaanIn Cinemas
23 October 2023ManiharIn Cinemas
23 October 2023The Journey of DonkersIn Cinemas
25 October 2023Kuch Khattaa Ho JaayIn Cinemas
25 October 2023Mangu The FighterIn Cinemas
26 October 2023MinimumIn Cinemas
27 October 202312th FailIn Cinemas
28 October 2023Anubhooti: At Metaphysical WorldIn Cinemas
28 October 2023In-DeewarIn Cinemas
28 October 2023Khwaabon Ka JhamelaIn Cinemas
28 October 2023Laal Rang 2: Khoon ChusvaIn Cinemas
28 October 2023Nasha Jurm Aur GangstersIn Cinemas
28 October 2023Romanticc TukdeIn Cinemas
30 October 2023Ground ZeroIn Cinemas
30 October 2023Hum Do Hamare BaarehIn Cinemas
31 October 2023ApurvaIn Cinemas
31 October 2023BaapIn Cinemas
31 October 2023Banchhada: journey of a prostituteIn Cinemas
31 October 2023BihaanIn Cinemas
31 October 2023Black Currency: The Fake Currency Truth UnfoldsIn Cinemas
31 October 2023Captain IndiaIn Cinemas
31 October 2023Chhorii 2In Cinemas
31 October 2023GaderaIn Cinemas
31 October 2023Kho Gaye Hum KahanIn Cinemas
31 October 2023LambIn Cinemas
31 October 2023Madgaon ExpressIn Cinemas
31 October 2023MatkaIn Cinemas
31 October 2023Phir Aayi Haseen DilrubaIn Cinemas
31 October 2023Pooja Meri JaanIn Cinemas
31 October 2023Pyaar Ho GayaIn Cinemas
31 October 2023Rat on a HighwayIn Cinemas
31 October 2023Rashna: The Ray of LightIn Cinemas
31 October 2023RuslaanIn Cinemas
31 October 2023SankiIn Cinemas
31 October 2023ScrewdriverIn Cinemas
31 October 2023Sector 36In Cinemas
31 October 2023Shlok: The Desi SherlockIn Cinemas
31 October 2023Single SalmaIn Cinemas
31 October 2023SuspectsIn Cinemas
31 October 2023The Incomplete ManIn Cinemas
31 October 2023YudhraIn Cinemas
7 November 2023BullIn Cinemas
8 November 2023The Good MaharajaIn Cinemas
10 November 2023Khichdi 2: Mission PaanthukistanIn Cinemas
10 November 2023Tiger 3In Cinemas
10 November 2023100 PercentIn Cinemas
10 November 2023Phir GolmaalIn Cinemas
11 November 2023Luv Ki Arrange MarriageIn Cinemas
11 November 2023Pachhattar Ka ChhoraIn Cinemas
14 November 2023Swatantra Veer SavarkarIn Cinemas
16 November 2023Love in DehradunIn Cinemas
17 November 2023AgraIn Cinemas
18 November 2023Dhak DhakIn Cinemas
18 November 2023Night EncountersIn Cinemas
22 November 2023BedhadakIn Cinemas
23 November 2023Sharmaji Ki BetiIn Cinemas
24 November 2023EmergencyIn Cinemas
25 November 2023Pyaari: Tarawali The True StoryIn Cinemas
28 November 2023AdbhutIn Cinemas
28 November 2023Dhoom DhaamIn Cinemas
28 November 2023The Battle of Bhima KoregaonIn Cinemas
28 November 2023The Money CollectorIn Cinemas
29 November 2023Banda SinghIn Cinemas
29 November 2023EmpireIn Cinemas
30 November 2023Accident Or Conspiracy-GodharaIn Cinemas
30 November 2023AS03In Cinemas
30 November 2023Baayein Haath Ka KhelIn Cinemas
30 November 2023Black TigerIn Cinemas
30 November 2023Hanky PankyIn Cinemas
30 November 2023Khali LifafaIn Cinemas
30 November 2023Kira: The Return of the UnknownIn Cinemas
30 November 2023Jee Le ZaraaIn Cinemas
30 November 2023MahadevIn Cinemas
30 November 2023ManekshawIn Cinemas
30 November 2023Mannu Aur Munni Ki ShaadiIn Cinemas
30 November 2023Mere Husband Ki BiwiIn Cinemas
30 November 2023Miss Match IndiaIn Cinemas
30 November 2023NausikhiyeIn Cinemas
30 November 2023PalatwarIn Cinemas
30 November 2023PenthouseIn Cinemas
30 November 2023Paranormal Worlds: Based On True EventsIn Cinemas
30 November 2023SarzameenIn Cinemas
30 November 2023ShukrdoshIn Cinemas
30 November 2023SiniolchuIn Cinemas
30 November 2023Sorry Karma ReturnsIn Cinemas
30 November 2023Tauba Tera JalwaIn Cinemas
30 November 2023TimirIn Cinemas
30 November 2023The Game of GirgitIn Cinemas
30 November 2023The LadykillerIn Cinemas
30 November 2023UmaIn Cinemas
30 November 2023Who: Trust No OneIn Cinemas
30 November 2023Woh Ladki Hai KahaanIn Cinemas
1 December 2023AnimalIn Cinemas
1 December 2023Bhanwar JindagiIn Cinemas
1 December 2023ChaalBaaz In LondonIn Cinemas
1 December 2023Devil: The British Secret AgentIn Cinemas
1 December 2023Fukrey 3In Cinemas
1 December 2023India Dial 100In Cinemas
1 December 2023Mrs. FalaniIn Cinemas
1 December 2023Sam BahadurIn Cinemas
2 December 2023PippaIn Cinemas
5 December 2023India Fashion FactoryIn Cinemas
5 December 2023ShaktimaanIn Cinemas
8 December 2023The ConfessionIn Cinemas
9 December 2023The LiftIn Cinemas
10 December 2023Mr LeleIn Cinemas
12 December 2023Auron Mein Kahan Dum ThaIn Cinemas
12 December 2023BaramullaIn Cinemas
12 December 2023CampusIn Cinemas
12 December 2023HanakIn Cinemas
12 December 2023LubdhIn Cinemas
12 December 2023SinIn Cinemas
12 December 2023Suryaputra Mahavir KarnaIn Cinemas
12 December 2023The Immortal AshwatthamaIn Cinemas
13 December 2023Aankh MicholiIn Cinemas
13 December 2023TFTNWIn Cinemas
14 December 2023Dostana 2In Cinemas
15 December 2023Merry ChristmasIn Cinemas
15 December 2023TariqIn Cinemas
15 December 2023TehranIn Cinemas
15 December 2023YodhaIn Cinemas
16 December 2023Chakda ‘XpressIn Cinemas
16 December 2023No Means NoIn Cinemas
18 December 2023Mera Naam ShruthiIn Cinemas
18 December 2023Mrs.In Cinemas
18 December 2023The Next MorningIn Cinemas
19 December 2023FirrkieIn Cinemas
21 December 2023Bobby Aur Rishi Ki Love StoryIn Cinemas
21 December 2023Hi PapaIn Cinemas
21 December 2023Project KahutaIn Cinemas
21 December 2023Return TicketIn Cinemas
21 December 2023The Delhi FilesIn Cinemas
22 December 2023Bulbul TarangIn Cinemas
22 December 2023Pushpa: The Rule-Part 2In Cinemas
24 December 2023TakhtIn Cinemas
25 December 2023Baaghi 4In Cinemas
25 December 2023Main RahoonYa Na Rahoon Yeh Desh Rehna Chahiye-AtalIn Cinemas
25 December 2023Jolly LLB 3 (2023) In Cinemas
25 December 2023Main Atal HoonIn Cinemas
27 December 2023Radha Kyun Gori Main Kyun KaalaIn Cinemas
28 December 2023Aashiqui 3In Cinemas
28 December 2023BlackoutIn Cinemas
28 December 2023Noorani ChehraIn Cinemas
28 December 2023Rumi Ki SharafatIn Cinemas
28 December 2023Sirf Ek FridayIn Cinemas
29 December 2023DRE7MSIn Cinemas
30 December 2023Apne 2In Cinemas
30 December 2023Country of BlindIn Cinemas
30 December 2023Desi VidesiIn Cinemas
30 December 2023DunkiIn Cinemas
30 December 2023IRaHIn Cinemas
30 December 2023KakudaIn Cinemas
30 December 2023Luka Chuppi 2In Cinemas
30 December 2023Rosie: The Saffron ChapterIn Cinemas
30 December 2023Tumhari Pyari SavitaIn Cinemas
31 December 2023Bollywood and Vine: The Original B-Movie MusicalIn Cinemas
31 December 2023GorkhaIn Cinemas
31 December 2023KaagazIn Cinemas
31 December 2023Krrish 4In Cinemas
31 December 2023NaginIn Cinemas
31 December 2023VisfotIn Cinemas
Expected 2023Punjab ’95In Cinemas
Expected 2023KillIn Cinemas
Expected 2023Acting Ka BhootIn Cinemas
Expected 2023Patna ShuklaIn Cinemas
Expected 2023Karan Johar’s First Action FilmIn Cinemas
Expected 2023Untitled Kareena Kapoor and Sujoy Ghosh FilmOTT (Netflix)
Expected 2023SanaaIn Cinemas
Expected 2023SpiritIn Cinemas
Expected 2023Untitled Romantic Thriller
(Emraan Hashmi and Sahher Bambba )
In Cinemas
Expected 2023SangeenIn Cinemas
Expected 2023DespatchIn Cinemas
Expected 2023Footprints on WaterIn Cinemas
Expected 2023GaderaIn Cinemas
Expected 2023Woh Ladki Hai KahaanIn Cinemas
Expected 2023UmaIn Cinemas
Expected 2023The Good MaharajaIn Cinemas
Expected 2023GhudChadiIn Cinemas
Expected 2023Aankh MicholiIn Cinemas
Expected 2023Bhagwan BharoseIn Cinemas
Expected 2023FirrkieIn Cinemas
Expected 2023Bikroo Kanpur GangsterIn Cinemas
Expected 2023HawayeinIn Cinemas
Expected 2023Ek Aur Ghazab KahaniIn Cinemas
Expected 2023IftikharIn Cinemas
Expected 2023Jaaiye Aap Kahan JaayengeIn Cinemas
Upcoming Bollywood Movies 2023-Release Date

List of Upcoming Hindi (Bollywood) Movies 2024 with Release Dates

Release date

in India
FilmReleasing Platform
11 January 2024The DiplomatIn Cinemas
12 January 2024Kalki 2898 ADIn Cinemas
12 January 2024Project KIn Cinemas
26 January 2024Operation AMGIn Cinemas
26 January 2024FighterIn Cinemas
31 January 2024UlajhIn Cinemas
31 January 2024Vijay 69In Cinemas
9 February 2024Sardi Ki PhusphusaahatIn Cinemas
16 February 2024LSD 2In Cinemas
23 February 2024Mere Mehboob Mere SanamIn Cinemas
28 February 2024Final TrapIn Cinemas
28 February 2024Mission LionIn Cinemas
28 February 2024Section 84In Cinemas
28 February 2024ShankaraIn Cinemas
15 March 2024Mr. & Mrs. MahiIn Cinemas
22 March 2024The CrewIn Cinemas
29 March 2024Metro… In DinoIn Cinemas
31 March 2024Hera Pheri 3In Cinemas
31 March 2024Haunted: Ghosts Of The PastIn Cinemas
31 March 2024Murder MubarakIn Cinemas
31 March 2024Sky ForceIn Cinemas
31 March 2024Ziddi SanamIn Cinemas
5 April 2024BastarIn Cinemas
10 April 2024Bade Miyan Chote MiyanIn Cinemas
30 April 2024AinaaIn Cinemas
30 April 2024BhaiyaajiIn Cinemas
30 April 2024The InternIn Cinemas
30 April 2024VashIn Cinemas
31 May 2024VD18
(Working Titled)
In Cinemas
14 June 2024Chandu ChampionIn Cinemas
30 June 2024Khel Khel MeinIn Cinemas
30 June 2024Quack ShambhuIn Cinemas
30 June 2024Tere Ishk MeinIn Cinemas
30 July 2024Black MagicIn Cinemas
31 July 2024Auron Mein Kahan Dum ThaIn Cinemas
31 July 2024Ladkiwale LadkewaleIn Cinemas
15 August 2024IkkisIn Cinemas
15 August 2024Singham AgainIn Cinemas
15 August 2024Singham AgainIn Cinemas
15 August 2024SpiritIn Cinemas
16 August 2024HelenIn Cinemas
31 August 2024Kanya KumarIn Cinemas
31 August 2024Stree 2In Cinemas
31 August 2024Operation EagleIn Cinemas
31 August 2024One Oakwood StreetIn Cinemas
31 August 2024VedaaIn Cinemas
30 September 2024GooglyIn Cinemas
30 September 2024Koi ShaqIn Cinemas
2 October 2024War 2In Cinemas
28 October 2024Shootout at BycullaIn Cinemas
30 October 2024Bhool Bhulaiyaa 3In Cinemas
31 October 2024Begin AgainIn Cinemas
31 October 2024RamlaliIn Cinemas
31 October 2024SaharasriIn Cinemas
01 November 2024Housefull 5In Cinemas
12 November 2024Entertainment 2In Cinemas
25 November 2024MogulIn Cinemas
30 November 2024Arabi KalyanamIn Cinemas
30 November 2024Chapter 2In Cinemas
30 November 2024Kick 2In Cinemas
30 November 2024UntitledIn Cinemas
25 December 2024Don 3: The Final ChapterIn Cinemas
25 December 2024Prem Ki ShaadiIn Cinemas
25 December 2024Welcome 3In Cinemas
31 December 2024Chemical IndiaIn Cinemas
Expected in 2024The Dirty Picture (Sequel)In Cinemas
Expected in 2024CrackIn Cinemas
Expected in 2024MogulIn Cinemas

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