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The 1st IIFA Awards was held on 24 June 2000 at Millennium Dom, London, United Kingdom. Since then, the Award Ceremony is being held in different countries and continents. Above all, the IIFA Awards have become a symbol of glorifying the success of Bollywood in the world.

The IIFA Award for Best Action was first given in the 3rd IIFA Awards (2002). Tinu Verma became the first recipient of the Best Action award. He received the award for Gadar Ek Prem Katha (2001).

The Best Action Award is a Technical Award and a part of the Annual IIFA Awards

The IIFA Best Action Award is meant to honor the technical excellence of Action Choreographers consisting of mainly Stunt Coordinators, Fight Team, Action Directors, and Fight Choreographers.

Indian Film Academy to honor both the artistic and technical excellence of professionals in Bollywood. Here is the list of the Winners of the IIFA Best Action Award.

Winners – IFFA Award for Best Action

Winners of the 2000s

IIFA AwardWinner(s)Film
1st IIFA Awards (2000)Not Awarded
2nd IIFA Awards (2001)Not Awarded
3rd IIFA Awards (2002)Tinu VermaGadar Ek Prem Katha
4th IIFA Awards (2003)Allan AminCompany
5th IIFA Awards (2004)Not Awarded
6th IIFA Awards (2005)Allan AminDhoom
7th IIFA Awards (2006)Allan AminDus
8th IIFA Awards (2007)Shyam Kaushal,
Tony Ching
(Ching Siu-tun)
9th IIFA Awards (2008)Javed Sheikh,
Ejaz Sheikh
Shootout at Lokhandwala
10th IIFA Awards (2009)Peter Heins,
Stun Siva

Winners of the 2010s

IIFA AwardWinner(s)Film
11th IIFA Awards (2010)Shyam KaushalKaminey
12th IIFA Awards (2011)Vijayen MasterDabangg
13th IIFA Awards (2012)Jai Singh NijjarSingham
14th IIFA Awards (2013)Shyam KaushalGangs of Wasseypur-Part 1
15th IIFA Awards (2014)Shyam Kaushal,
Tony Ching
(Ching Siu-tun)
Krrish 3
16th IIFA Awards (2015)Parvez Shaikh,
Andy Armstrong
Bang Bang
17th IIFA Awards (2016)Shyam KaushalBajirao Mastani
18th IIFA Awards (2017)Parvez Shaikh,
Anl Arasu,
Larnell Stovall
19th IIFA Awards (2018)Not Awarded
20th IIFA Awards (2019)Not Awarded

Winners of the 2020s

IIFA AwardWinner(s)Film
21st IIFA Awards (2021)Not Awarded
22nd IIFA Awards (2022)Coming upMarch 2022

Most awarded Artists-IFFA Award for Best Action

ArtistNumber of Awards
Shyam Kaushal5
Allan Amin3
Parvez Shaikh2
Tony Ching2

Shyam Kaushal | Win = 5

S. NoIIFA AwardsYearFilm
18th IIFA Awards2007Krrish
211th IIFA Awards2010Kaminey
314th IIFA Awards2013Gangs of Wasseypur-Part 1
415th IIFA Awards2014Krrish 3
517th IIFA Awards2017Bajirao Mastani

Allan Amin | Win = 3

S. NoIIFA AwardsYearFilm
14th IIFA Awards2003Company
26th IIFA Awards2005Dhoom
37th IIFA Awards2006Dus

Parvez Shaikh | Win = 2

S. NoIIFA AwardsYearFilm
116th IIFA Awards2015Bang Bang
218th IIFA Awards2017Sultan

Tony Ching | Win = 2

S. NoIIFA AwardsYearFilm
18th IIFA Awards2007Krrish
215th IIFA Awards2014Krrish 3

Highlights-IFFA Award for Best Background Score

  1. Tinu Verma received the first IIFA Awards for Best Action for Gadar Ek Prem Katha in the 3rd IIFA Awards (2002).
  2. Shyam Kaushal has won the most IIFA Awards for Best Action. He has won the award five (5) times.
    • Out of these five (5) awards, Shyam Kaushal won two (2) awards jointly with Ching Siu-tun.
  3. Ching Siu-tun is a Director, Producer, Action, and Action-Choreographer from Hong Kong.
    • He is better known as Tony Ching.
  4. Tony Ching and Shyam Kaushal won the IIFA Award twice jointly for Best Action.
  5. Allan Amin won the IIFA Award for Best Action three (3) times.
    • He won the award in successive years 2003, 2005, and 2006. The award for Best Action was not given in the year 2004.
  6. Shyam Kaushal has also won the IIFA Award for Best Action in consecutive years.

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