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The 1st Zee Cine Awards was held on 14 March 1998 in Mumbai India. Since then, the Award Ceremony is being held in different countries and continents. The Zee Cine Awards have become a symbol of glorifying the success of Bollywood in the world.

The Zee Cine Award for Best Special (Visual) Effects was first given in the 1st Zee Cine Awards (1998). Sai Prasad became the first recipient of the Zee Cine Award for Best Special (Visual) Effects. He received the award for Dil To Pagal Hai (1997).

The Zee Cine Award for Best Special (Visual) Effects is a Technical Award and a part of the Annual Zee Cine Awards.

The Zee Cine Award for Best Special (Visual) Effects is meant to honor the technical excellence of Post Production Team consisting of mainly Visual Effects Artists, Visual Effects Supervisor, and Visual Effects Coordinator.

Zee Cine Awards honors both the artistic and technical excellence of professionals in Bollywood. Here is the list of the Winners of the Zee Cine Award for Best Special (Visual) Effects.

Winners – Zee Cine Award for Best Special (Visual) Effects

Winners of the 1990s

Zee Cine AwardsWinner(s)Film
1st Zee Cine Awards (1998)Sai PrasadDil To Pagal Hai
2nd Zee Cine Awards (1999)Not AwardedNot Awarded

Winners of the 2000s

Zee Cine AwardsWinner(s)Film
3rd Zee Cine Awards (2000)Prasad Sutar,
Madhar Gotad
Hindustan Ki Kasam
4th Zee Cine Awards (2001)Not AwardedNot Awarded
5th Zee Cine Awards (2002)Not AwardedNot Awarded
6th Zee Cine Awards (2003)Not AwardedNot Awarded
7th Zee Cine Awards (2004)Digigal Art Media,
Bimmini Special Effects Studios
Koi Mil Gaya
8th Zee Cine Awards (2005)Merzin Tavaria,
Roshan Desai
(Prime Focus)
9th Zee Cine Awards (2006)V.G. SamantHanuman
10th Zee Cine Awards (2007)Craig Mumma,
Marc Kolbe
11th Zee Cine Awards (2008)Red Chillies VFXOm Shanti Om

Winners of the 2010s

Zee Cine AwardsWinner(s)Film
12th Zee Cine Awards (2011)Not AwardedNot Awarded
13th Zee Cine Awards (2012)Keitan Yadav,
Haresh Hingorani
(Red Chillies VFX)
14th Zee Cine Awards (2013)Not AwardedNot Awarded
15th Zee Cine Awards (2014)Red Chillies VFXKrrish 3
16th Zee Cine Awards (2016)Prasad SutarBajirao Mastani
17th Zee Cine Awards (2017)NY VFXWALLAShivaay
18th Zee Cine Awards (2018)Not AwardedNot Awarded
19th Zee Cine Awards (2019)Red Chillies VFXZero

Winners of the 2020s

Zee Cine AwardsWinner(s)Film
20th Zee Cine Awards (2020)Yash Raj FilmsWar

Most awarded Artists-Zee Cine Award for Best Special (Visual) Effects

ArtistNumber of Awards
Red Chillies VFX4
Prasad Sutar2

Red Chillies VFX | Win = 3

S. NoZee Cine AwardsFilm
111th Zee Cine Awards (2008)Om Shanti Om
213th Zee Cine Awards (2012)Ra.One
315th Zee Cine Awards (2014)Krrish 3
19th Zee Cine Awards (2019)Zero

Prasad Sutar | Win = 4

S. NoZee Cine AwardsFilm
13rd Zee Cine Awards (2000)Hindustan Ki Kasam
216th Zee Cine Awards (2016)Bajirao Mastani

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