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London Confidential is a Bollywood Spy Thriller film. The movie is now streaming on ZEE5 from 14 September 2020.

If Mouni Roy and Purab Kohli are left in the film, no other known face is remembered. Although Sharad Kelkar is also in this film, but he has been taken only for name only.

London Confidential Story

The story of the film begins with Biren Ghosh (Diljohn Singh), an agent of Indian Intelligence who has a Confidential Information. This information is about the Chinese Communist and it is believed that they plan to release virus larger than COVID 19.

Biren has similar information and wants to give it to his fellow agent Uma (Mouni Roy). At the same time, Biren also knows about a Chinese source who is ready to give all this information to the upcoming London Conference. However, before Biren could give all this information to Uma he gets kidnapped.

Uma is assigned this case so that she can find out the missing information and missing agent Biren Ghosh. Uma is supporting by her official partner Arjun (Purab Kohli).

Neeru, an Indian Embassy high lever officer, is helping Uma, whose personal life is in danger because her husband Sharad (Sagar Arya) is cheating on her.

Nevertheless, before this Uma can reach Biren, someone kills him. Uma meets Biren’s wife who tells her that Biren has left a painting for her. She tries hard but does not understand the secret of that painting.

Cast & Crew details of London Confidential (2020)

Uma suspects that there is definite a Mole either in the RAW or in the Indian Embassy who is leaking information to the Chinese. Now Uma, with the help of her partner Arjun, starts the search for that mole and at the same time tries to find the source, who is going to give them the information of Chinese intelligence.

Circumstances become more complicated when every such person is killed to whom Uma thinks a lead. Whether Uma finds that Mole and the Chinese Source Person before the London conference is rest of the story.

London Confidential Movie Review


Kanwal Sethi has directed London Confidential. Kanwal has previously directed Ferness Land (2011) and Once Again (2014). After 6 years of his last directorial Kanwal has chosen a Spy thriller as his subject.

His hold on the film is good but at some points the director seem to forget his actual work and has shown something that was neither logical nor required. However, overall his work is above average.

Due to being a new artist in the film, it can be difficult to remember their names and the director has not even tried to give some attention to this. Confusion in names runs throughout in the film. Therefore, it is hard to co-relate the artists with their screen name.

Even after the completion of the entire film, it seems next to impossible to remember some names and at the same time, it seems a little difficult to co-relate the characters with their screen names.

Story, Script and Screenplay

S. Hussain Zaidi has written this film. Earlier he has written the story of Shootout at Wadala (2013) and Phantom (2015).
As far as London Confidential is concern, the story is ok except that despite being a spy thriller, the suspense element in the film is almost non-existent.

The climax of the film remains predictable. The use of some special technology related to spy is not shown in the film. It seems that the director has compromised many things due to limited budget.

It is beyond understanding why the writer put a gay character in the film without any requirement. Similarly, Mouni Roy is pregnant in the film but the story has nothing to do with her pregnancy throughout the film.

Furthermore, Sharad Kelkar has nothing to do in the film why he chose the role and why the write wrote such a stupid scene is beyond comprehension. This is where the shortcomings of writing are exposed

Music and Song

The background score of the film is composed by Nike which is fine. There is no song in the film, which is the plus point of the film.
However, the sound recording in the film is below average. Sound goes low or high significantly that annoy the viewer.


Mouni Roy has dominated the entire film because she is the most established artist in this film. Purab Kohli as Arjun and colleague of Mouni Roy always stays with her almost all the time. Both these actors remain dominant throughout the film.

The work of Mouni Roy and Purab Kohli is fine; the rest of the cast is only for eye clicking view. The come and goes with a blink of the eye. Hence, there is nothing to say about their acting.

Last few words

Despite many shortcomings, the London Confidential can be seen once. The fans of thriller films may like this concept of the film.
However, the film also includes sex scenes without reason, including a gay relationship. These unnecessary stuff can keep the family audiences away from the film even at home.
In the film, Sharad Kelkar, who has become Mouni’s husband, is shown only once. It is unclear why he was casted for the film for an insignificant role. The idea of writer and director to display husband of Uma (Mouny Roy) for a few seconds that does not lead the story anywhere and has no significance in the film; seems very childish.

Nevertheless, if these logical things are ignored, then the film can be seen because its duration is only 1 hour 17 minutes (approx). In addition, not having a song in the film can also be a big reason to watch the film.

Bollywood Product rates the film 5/10.

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