Famous People’s Birthday on 5 February


Famous People’s (Indian Celebrities and International Celebrities) Birthday today on 5 February

Here is a list of famous Indian and International celebrities (famous people) born on 5 February. The list includes names of Film and Television CelebritiesPoliticians, and Sports Personalities.

Film and Television Celebrities born on 5 February

Date of BirthNameAgeProfessionNationality
05 February 1943Michael Mann80Filmmaker, ScreenwriterAmerican
05 February 1946Charlotte Rampling77ActressBritish
05 February 1948Barbara Hershey75ActressAmerican
05 February 1948Christopher Guest75ActorBritish, American
05 February 1962Jennifer Jason Leigh61ActressAmerican
05 February 1964Laura Linney59ActressAmerican
05 February 1969Michael Sheen54ActorBritish
05 February 1976Abhishek Bachchan47ActorIndian
05 February 1981Crystle Lightning42ActressCanadian, American
05 February 1981Nora Zehetner42ActressAmerican
05 February 1981Sara Foster42ActressAmerican
05 February 1986Brittany Allen37ActressCanadian
05 February 1987Sindhu Lokanath36Actress, ModelIndian
05 February 1989Jeremy Sumpter34ActorAmerican
05 February 1990Anmol Malik33Singer, LyricistIndian
05 February 1990Charlbi Dean32ActressSouth African
05 February 1994Aparna Brielle29ActressAmerican
05 February 2000Esme Creed-Miles23ActressEnglish

Sports Personalities born on 5 February

Date of BirthNameAgeProfessionNationality
05 February 1882Fred le Roux81CricketerSouth African
05 February 1889Ernest Tyldesley73CricketerEnglish
05 February 1889Patsy Hendren73CricketerEnglish
05 February 1918Nirmal Chatterjee59CricketerIndian
05 February 1959Sudip Chatterjee47FootballerIndian
05 February 1962Jarnail Singh61FootballerIndian
05 February 1967Joydeep Mukherjee56CricketerIndian
05 February 1970Darren Lehmann53CricketerAustralian
05 February 1971Wayne Noon52CricketerEnglish
05 February 1976Tony Suji47CricketerKenyan
05 February 1977Mohammad Mohiuddin46CricketerIndian
05 February 1980Johannes van der Merwe43CricketerNamibian
05 February 1982Fawad Ahmed41CricketerAustralian, Pakistani
05 February 1985Shahid Arshad38CricketerSlovenia
05 February 1986Gary Wilson37CricketerBritish, Irish
05 February 1986Indika Senaratne37CricketerSri Lankan
05 February 1987Abhik Patwa36CricketerTanzanian
05 February 1990Bhuvneshwar Kumar33CricketerIndian
05 February 1990Jeffrey Vandersay33CricketerSri Lankan
05 February 1991Anil Mandal32CricketerNepalese
05 February 1991Satsimranjit Dhindsa32CricketerIndian
05 February 1991Shameek Vats32CricketerLuxembourgers
05 February 1991Taha Ahmed32CricketerDenmark
05 February 1992Mitchell Santner31CricketerNew Zealand
05 February 1996Adam McAuley27CricketerAustralian
05 February 1996Grace Dangmei27FootballerIndian
05 February 1997Wes Agar26CricketerAustralian
05 February 1999Arshdeep Singh24CricketerIndian
05 February 1999Minhajul Abedin Afridi24CricketerBangladeshi

Famous Politicians born on 5 February

Date of BirthNameAgeProfessionNationality
05 February 1895Jaglal Choudhary80PoliticianIndian
05 February 1919Khurshed Alam Khan94PoliticianIndian
05 February 1925Reshamlal Jangade89PoliticianIndian
05 February 1937A. C. Jose78PoliticianIndian
05 February 1948Furqan Ansari75PoliticianIndian
05 February 1948Rajendra Pareek75PoliticianIndian
05 February 1953Rakesh Sood70Politician, DiplomatIndian
05 February 1957Monazir Hassan66PoliticianIndian
05 February 1967Malik Motasim Khan56PoliticianIndian
05 February 1967Subarna Naik56PoliticianIndian
05 February 1970Amita Bhushan53PoliticianIndian
05 February 1972Naresh Yadav51PoliticianIndian
05 February 1973Kova Laxmi50PoliticianIndian
05 February 1976Santosh Kumar47PoliticianIndian
05 February 1983Akash Pandurang Fundkar40PoliticianIndian

Famous Artists born on 5 February

Date of BirthNameAgeProfessionNationality
05 February 1916Janki Ballabh Shastri95Poet, WriterIndian
05 February 1918B. G. L. Swamy62WriterIndian
05 February 1923G. Balakrishnan Nair87WriterIndian
05 February 1932Shankha Ghosh89PoetIndian
05 February 1936K. S. Nissar Ahmed84Poet, WriterIndian
05 February 1937Unwan Chishti66Poet, WriterIndian
05 February 1986Yashica Dutt37WriterIndian

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