Famous People’s Birthday on 27 February


Famous People’s (Indian Celebrities and International Celebrities) Birthday today on 27 February

Here is a list of famous Indian and International celebrities (famous people) born on 27 February. The list includes names of Film and Television CelebritiesPoliticians, and Sports Personalities.

Film and Television Celebrities born on 27 February

Date of BirthNameAgeProfessionNationality
27 February 1912Kusumagraj87LyricistIndian
27 February 1912Lawrence Durrell78PlaywrightBritish
27 February 1932Elizabeth Taylor79ActressBritish, American
27 February 1952Prakash Jha71Filmmaker, ScreenwriterIndian
27 February 1954K. J. Baby69FilmmakerIndian
27 February 1956Thambi Ramaiah67Filmmaker, Screenwriter, Actor, Comedian Indian
27 February 1957Timothy Spall66ActorBritish
27 February 1962Adam Baldwin61ActorAmerican
27 February 1965Noah Emmerich58Actor, FilmmakerAmerican
27 February 1966Donal Logue57ActorCanadian, American
27 February 1975Christopher Landon48Filmmaker, ScreenwriterAmerican
27 February 1976Manoj Muntashir47LyricistIndian
27 February 1976Nikki Amuka-Bird47ActressNigerian, British
27 February 1977Subbaraju46ActorIndian
27 February 1983Kate Mara40ActressAmerican
27 February 1990Lindsey Morgan33ActressAmerican
27 February 1991Carmela Zumbado32ActressAmerican
27 February 1992Abigail Jain31ActressIndian
27 February 1992Vanya Mishra31Actor, ModelIndian

Sports Personalities born on 27 February

Date of Birth NameAgeProfessionNationality
27 February 1855Philip Argall57CricketerAustralian
27 February 1906Mal Matheson79CricketerNew Zealand
27 February 1920Reg Simpson93CricketerEnglish
27 February 1924Norman Marshall83CricketerBarbadian
27 February 1939Lester King 59CricketerIndian
27 February 1944Graeme Pollock79CricketerSouth African
27 February 1945Alexander Watson78CricketerIndian
27 February 1947Ashley Woodcock76CricketerAustralian
27 February 1963Bhaskar Pillai60CricketerIndian
27 February 1964Marais Erasmus59CricketerSouth African
27 February 1965David Millns58CricketerEnglish
27 February 1966Enamul Haque57CricketerBangladeshi
27 February 1974Jimmy Maher49CricketerAustralian
27 February 1976Rashid Riaz47CricketerPakistani
27 February 1979Ranadeb Bose44CricketerIndian
27 February 1982Ankur Vasishta41CricketerIndian
27 February 1982James Tredwell41Cricketer, British, English
27 February 1986Sandeep Singh37Hockey PlayerIndian
27 February 1991Azeem Rafiq32CricketerBritish, Pakistani
27 February 1991Daniel ter Braak32CricketerDutch
27 February 1992Melvin Lobo31FootballerIndian
27 February 1993Arun Ashokan30CricketerIndian
27 February 1994Christopher Sole29CricketerScottish
27 February 1997Vicky Meitei26FootballerIndian
27 February 1999Lalit Rajbanshi24CricketerNepalese
27 February 2000Nipun Malinga23CricketerSri Lankan
27 February 2002Robin Das21CricketerBritish

Famous Politicians born on 27 February

Date of Birth NameAgeProfessionNationality
27 February 1915Muhammad Dilawar Khanji74PoliticianIndian
27 February 1920Kanhu Charan Jena79PoliticianIndian
27 February 1925Shyama Charan Shukla81PoliticianIndian
27 February 1936Madan Prasad Jaiswal72PoliticianIndian
27 February 1936Sonia Johnson87PoliticianAmerican
27 February 1941Paddy Ashdown62Politician, DiplomatBritish
27 February 1943B. S. Yediyurappa80PoliticianIndian
27 February 1945Syed Azeez Pasha78PoliticianIndian
27 February 1954Virendra Kumar Khatik69PoliticianIndian
27 February 1966Archana Nayak57PoliticianIndian
27 February 1967Samik Lahiri56PoliticianIndian
27 February 1975Santosh Lad48PoliticianIndian
27 February 1983Dattatraya C. Patil Revoor40PoliticianIndian

Famous Artists born on 27 February

Date of Birth NameAgeProfessionNationality
27 February 1912Kusumagraj87Poet, WriterIndian
27 February 1912Lawrence Durrell78Poet, WriterBritish
27 February 1934Manoj Das87WriterIndian
27 February 1935Gulzar Singh Sandhu88WriterIndian
27 February 1936Sonia Johnson87WriterAmerican
27 February 1954K. J. Baby69WriterIndian

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