Famous People’s Birthday on 22 February


Famous People’s (Indian Celebrities and International Celebrities) Birthday today on 22 February

Here is a list of famous Indian and International celebrities (famous people) born on 22 February. The list includes names of Film and Television CelebritiesPoliticians, and Sports Personalities.

Film and Television Celebrities born on 22 February

Date of BirthNameAgeProfessionNationality
22 February 1906Pahari Sanyal67ActorIndian
22 February 1915Puvvula Suri Babu52Actor, SingerIndian
22 February 1920Iftekhar75ActorIndian
22 February 1920Kamal Kapoor90ActorIndian, Pakistani
22 February 1922V. G. Jog81Music ComposerIndian
22 February 1927Sriranjani Jr.47ActressIndian
22 February 1929James Hong94Actor, FilmmakerAmerican
22 February 1938Karin Dor79ActressGerman, American
22 February 1945Rajendra Gupta78ActorIndian
22 February 1946K. P. Brahmanandan58Playback SingerIndian
22 February 1948Suresh Heblikar75Actor, FilmmakerIndian
22 February 1950Nayana Apte Joshi73Actress, SingerIndian
22 February 1956Ashok Amritraj67FilmmakerIndian, American
22 February 1959Kyle MacLachlan64ActorAmerican
22 February 1964Sooraj Barjatya59Filmmaker, ScreenwriterIndian
22 February 1966Babu Antony57Filmmaker, ActorIndian
22 February 1966Teja 57Filmmaker, Screenwriter, CinematographerIndian
22 February 1968Jeri Ryan55ActressAmerican
22 February 1969Thomas Jane54ActorAmerican
22 February 1970Dolon Roy53ActressIndian
22 February 1975Drew Barrymore48Actress, FilmmakerAmerican
22 February 1976Tamara Mello47ActressAmerican
22 February 1980Prabhakar Sharan43ActorIndian
22 February 1981Elodie Yung42ActressFrench, Cambodian
22 February 1982Dichen Lachman41Actress, ModelAustralian, Nepalese
22 February 1982Shilpa Shukla41ActressIndian
22 February 1983Iliza Shlesinger40Actress, ComedianAmerican
22 February 1984Gurmeet Choudhary39ActorIndian
22 February 1986Andria D’Souza37ActressIndian
22 February 1987Yuvaraj Dhayalan36Filmmaker, ScreenwriterIndian
22 February 1988Chethan Kumar 35Filmmaker, Screenwriter, LyricistIndian
22 February 1990Shivani Tomar33ActressIndian
22 February 1994Ketaki Mategaonkar29Actress, Singer, LyricistIndian
22 February 1997Shaalin Zoya26Actress, dancerIndian

Sports Personalities born on 22 February

Date of Birth NameAgeProfessionNationality
22 February 1859Joey Palmer51CricketerAustralian
22 February 1873Maxmillian Wood42CricketerEnglish
22 February 1919Jack Robertson79CricketerEnglish
22 February 1944Ranjit Fernando79CricketerSri Lankan
22 February 1956Ashok Amritraj67Tennis PlayerIndian, American
22 February 1963Chinmay Sharma60CricketerIndian
22 February 1963Devon Malcolm60CricketerEnglish, Jamaican
22 February 1968Abhijit Deshpande55CricketerIndian
22 February 1968Johanne Samarasekera55CricketerEmirati
22 February 1973Glenn Blakeney50CricketerBermudian
22 February 1973Rohit Kanaiya50CricketerIndian
22 February 1974Humza Ferozie49CricketerIndian
22 February 1974Sunita Singh49CricketerIndian
22 February 1974Tariq-ur-Rehman49CricketerIndian
22 February 1977Devendra Bundela46CricketerIndian
22 February 1980Khurram Chohan43CricketerPakistani, Canadian
22 February 1983Shane Shillingford40CricketerDominican
22 February 1983Shaun Tait40CricketerAustralian
22 February 1984William Colaco39FootballerIndian
22 February 1986Hamid Zaman37CricketerAfghan
22 February 1987Hamish Bennett36CricketerNew Zealand
22 February 1987Talha Khan36CricketerGermany
22 February 1987Wailad Passah36FootballerIndian
22 February 1988Wailadmi Passah35CricketerIndian
22 February 1990Brian Vitori33CricketerZimbabwean
22 February 1992Shabir Noori31CricketerAfghan
22 February 1994Manish Bhargav29FootballerIndian
22 February 1994Senuran Muthusamy29CricketerSouth African
22 February 1995Redeem Tlang28FootballerIndian
22 February 1998Jaker Ali25CricketerBangladeshi
22 February 1998Scott Austin25CricketerZimbabwean
22 February 1999Harry Brook24CricketerEnglish
22 February 1999Raag Kapur24CricketerIndian
22 February 2000Prashant Solanki23CricketerIndian
22 February 2001Boris Gorlee22CricketerDutch
22 February 2002Faseeh Choudary21CricketerSweden
22 February 2004Hasan Cakir19CricketerTurkey

Famous Politicians born on 22 February

Date of Birth NameAgeProfessionNationality
22 February 1906Humayun Kabir63PoliticianIndian
22 February 1908Kamla Chaudhry61PoliticianIndian
22 February 1914D. K. Barooah81PoliticianIndian
22 February 1923Sarojini Pulla Reddy89PoliticianIndian
22 February 1933Raghuveer Singh Koshal82PoliticianIndian
22 February 1938Blasius D’Souza69PoliticianIndian
22 February 1948Niranjan Patnaik75PoliticianIndian
22 February 1949Lalduhawma74PoliticianIndian
22 February 1950Mahender Singh73PoliticianIndian
22 February 1955Shankhlal Majhi68PoliticianIndian
22 February 1976Pradeep Kumar Majhi47PoliticianIndian

Famous Artists born on 22 February

Date of Birth NameAgeProfessionNationality
22 February 1906Humayun Kabir63WriterIndian
22 February 1906Sohan Lal Dwivedi82PoetIndian
22 February 1914D. K. Barooah81Poet, WriterIndian
22 February 1917Mareez66PoetIndian
22 February 1921K. Surendran 76WriterIndian
22 February 1946Nayan Desai77PoetIndian

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