Famous People’s Birthday on 14 February


Famous People’s (Indian Celebrities and International Celebrities) Birthday today on 14 February

Here is a list of famous Indian and International celebrities (famous people) born on 14 February. The list includes names of Film and Television CelebritiesPoliticians, and Sports Personalities.

Film and Television Celebrities born on 14 February

Date of BirthNameAgeProfessionNationality
14 February 1820Kutty Kunju Thankachi83Music ComposerIndian
14 February 1900Jessica Dragonette80SingerIndian
14 February 1914Jan Nisar Akhtar62LyricistIndian
14 February 1929Allan Miller95ActorAmerican
14 February 1933Madhubala36Filmmaker, ActressIndian
14 February 1943Aaron Russo64FilmmakerAmerican, Italian
14 February 1962Vijay Koparkar62SingerIndian
14 February 1968Alicia Borrachero56ActressSpanish
14 February 1969Jaya Mahesh55ModelIndian
14 February 1972Sriman52ActorIndian
14 February 1973Alec Sulkin51Screenwriter, FilmmakerAmerican
14 February 1978Krishna46ActorIndian
14 February 1982Mahesh Rao42FilmmakerIndian
14 February 1987Debarun Pal37FilmmakerIndian
14 February 1987Gifton Elias37Music ComposerIndian
14 February 1989Ankush Hazra35ActorIndian
14 February 1989Puneet Beniwal35Actor, ModelIndian
14 February 1990Deeksha Seth34Actress, ModelIndian
14 February 1991Amanda Bauer33ActressAmerican
14 February 1993Alberto Rosende31Singer, ActorAmerican
14 February 1994Allie Grant30ActressAmerican

Sports Personalities born on 14 February

Date of BirthNameAgeProfessionNationality
14 February 1853Valentine Titchmarsh54CricketerEnglish
14 February 1947Salahuddin77CricketerPakistani, Indian
14 February 1962Krishanu Dey41FootballerIndian
14 February 1968Chris Lewis56CricketerEnglish, Guyanese
14 February 1973HD Ackerman51CricketerSouth African
14 February 1981Manjula Guruge43CricketerEmirati
14 February 1983Steve Vijay Lazars41CricketerIndian
14 February 1985Will Gidman39CricketerEnglish
14 February 1986Jack Vare38CricketerPapua New Guinean
14 February 1988Angel Di Maria36FootballerArgentina, Italian
14 February 1989Amitoze Singh35CricketerIndian
14 February 1989Scott Henry35CricketerAustralian
14 February 1991Michael Bracewell33CricketerNew Zealand
14 February 1992Brian Chari32CricketerZimbabwean
14 February 1992Hilton Cartwright32CricketerAustralian
14 February 1996Abu Hider28CricketerIndian
14 February 1999Muaaz Ali25CricketerGreece
14 February 2000Aimol Reamsochung24FootballerIndian
14 February 2000Shaun Fouché24CricketerNamibian

Famous Politicians born on 14 February

Date of BirthNameAgeProfessionNationality
14 February 1850Mortimer Durand74Politician, DiplomatIndian, British
14 February 1908K. Hanumanthaiah72PoliticianIndian
14 February 1909Accamma Cherian73PoliticianIndian
14 February 1925Mohan Dharia88PoliticianIndian
14 February 1926Shiv Charan Mathur83PoliticianIndian
14 February 1929Vasant Parikh78PoliticianIndian
14 February 1931Moreshwar Save84PoliticianIndian
14 February 1931Sultan Salahuddin Owaisi77PoliticianIndian
14 February 1939Yoginder K Alagh83PoliticianIndian
14 February 1942Sanat Kumar Mandal82PoliticianIndian
14 February 1947Rameshwar Oraon77PoliticianIndian
14 February 1955Bhavna Chikhalia58PoliticianIndian
14 February 1955Ram Prasad Sharma79PoliticianIndian
14 February 1952Sushma Swaraj67Politician, DiplomatIndian
14 February 1963Abhay Singh Chautala61PoliticianIndian
14 February 1964Lalatendu Bidyadhar Mohapatra52PoliticianIndian
14 February 1968Vincent Pala56PoliticianIndian

Famous Artists born on 14 February

Date of BirthNameAgeProfessionNationality
14 February 1820Kutty Kunju Thankachi83Poet, WriterIndian
14 February 1914Jan Nisar Akhtar62Poet, WriterIndian
14 February 1946Hasan Akbar Kamal71Poet, WriterPakistani
14 February 1956Neel Kamal Puri68WriterIndian

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