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Lyrics in English | Bhediya Theme | Bhediya (2022) | Varun Dhawan, Kriti Sanon

Main Shaant Hoon
Kinaare Pe
Aaram Sa
Khauf Hai Is Jungle Me
Mere Naam Ka

Par Kya Karoon
Mere Daant Ka
Paapi Pet Bole
Mar Rahe Ho
Kyoon Tum Khamkhaan

Gumnaam Tha
Ajeeb Tha
Bekaam Sa
Na Rah Gaya Ye Jungle
Mere Kaam Ka

Kya Karoon
Ab Raha Na Koyi
Banenge Ab Insaan
Mera Naashta…………

Song: Bhediya Theme
Film: Bhediya (2022)
Singer: K4 Kekho
Music Director: K4 Kekho
Recreated by: Sachin-Jigar
Lyricist: K4 Kekho
Featuring: Varun Dhawan, Kriti Sanon

Lyrics in Hindi | Bhediya Theme | Bhediya (2022) | Sachin-Jigar | K4 Kekho

मैं शांत हूँ
किनारे पे
आराम सा
ख़ौंफ है इस जंगल में

मेरे नाम का

पर क्या करुँ
मेरे दाँत का
पापी पेट बोले
मर रहे हो
क्यूँ तुम ख़ामख़ाँ

गुमनाम था
अजीब था
बेकाम सा
ना रह गया ये जंगल
मेरे काम का

क्या करुँ
अब रहा ना कोई
बनेंगे अब इंसान
मेरा नाश्ता………

गीत: अपना बना ले
फिल्म: भेड़िया (2022)
गायक: के फॉर केखो
संगीतकार: के फॉर केखो [Recreated by: सचिन-जिगर]
गीतकार: के फॉर केखो
कलाकार: वरुण धवन, कृति सैनॉन

Bhediya Theme | YouTube Video | Bhediya (2022)

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Know more about the song “Bhediya Theme”

Q. When did the song “Bhediya Theme release?
Ans. The song “Bhediya Theme” is from the film Bhediya (2022). The Audio Theme Song was released by Zee Music Company on 30 September 2022.

Q. Who is the lyricist of the song “Bhediya Theme”?
Ans. K4 Kekho is the Lyricist of the song “Bhediya Theme” from the film Bhediya (2022).

Q. Who is the Music Director of the song “Bhediya Theme”?
Ans. K4 Kekho is the Music Composer. Music Director’s duo Sachin-Jigar recreated the song “Bhediya Theme” from Bhediya (2022).

Q. Who is the singer(s) of the song “Bhediya Theme”?
Ans. K4 Kekho is the singer of the song “Bhediya Theme”.

Q. Who has performed in the song, or Who is the actor/actress in the song “Bhediya Theme”?
Ans. Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon have performed in the Song.

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