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Netflix is one of the biggest OTT platforms that provides on-demand Overt The Top media streaming globally. Netflix is an American media distribution company that shares 7% of the total OTT platforms in India, one of the largest movie production countries.

Netflix provides Original Series, Specials, Documentaries, and Films. It is pertinent to mention that Netflix’s original movies might include those that already have a prior cinematic release.

Further, Netflix’s original films might include those already been given exclusive broadcasts in other territories and then described as Netflix original.


List of Netflix original Films of 2022

Netflix original films of January 2022

5 January 2022Four to DinnerItalianComedy,
6 January 2022The WastelandSpanishHorror
12 January 2022How I Fell in Love with a GangsterPolishDrama
13 January 2022BrazenEnglishRomantic thriller
13 January 2022PhotocopierIndonesianComedy
14 January 2022This Is Not a ComedySpanishComedy
20 January 2022The Royal TreatmentEgnlishRomance
21 January 2022AmandlaEnglishDrama
21 January 2022Munich-The Edge of WarEnglishHistorical,
21 January 2022My Father’s ViolinTurkishDrama
28 January 2022Home TeamEnglishSports,

Netflix original films of February 2022

4 February 2022Looop LapetaHindiThriller
4 February 2022Through My WindowSpanishDrama
9 February 2022The PrivilegeGermanHorror
10 February 2022Into the WindPolishRomantic drama
11 February 2022BigbugFrenchSci-Fi
11 February 2022Love and Leashes KoreanRomantic comedy
11 February 2022Love TacticsTurkishRomantic comedy
11 February 2022Tall Girl 2EnglishComedy,
17 February 2022Fistful of VengeanceEnglishSupernatural martial arts drama
18 February 2022Texas Chainsaw MassacreEnglishHorror
23 February 2022UFOTurkishDrama
25 February 2022A Madea HomecomingEnglishComedy
25 February 2022RestlessFrenchAction-thriller

Netflix original films of March 2022

02 March 2022Against the IceEnglishThriller
03 March 2022The Weekend AwayEnglishComedy drama
04 March 2022The Invisible ThreadItalianScience fiction
11 March 2022The Adam ProjectEnglishComedy,
17 March 2022Rescued by RubyEnglishDrama
18 March 2022Black CrabSwedishThriller
18 March 2022Without Saying GoodbyeSpanishRomantic comedy
18 March 2022WindfallEnglishThriller
21 March 2022In Good HandsTurkishRomantic comedy
24 March 2022 Love Like the Falling PetalsJapaneseDrama
30 March 2022 All HailSpanishDrama

Netflix original films of April 2022

01 April 2022Apollo 10 1⁄2: A Space Age ChildhoodEnglishAnimation
01 April 2022Battle: FreestyleNorwegianRomantic drama
01 April 2022The BubbleEnglishComedy
02 April 2022Cobalt BlueHindiRomantic drama
08 April 2022Dancing on GlassSpanishDrama
08 April 2022Metal LordsEnglishMusical comedy-drama
08 April 2022Yaksha: Ruthless OperationsKoreanSpy
13 April 2022The Taming of the ShrewdPolishComedy
15 April 2022Choose or DieEnglishHorror
16 April 2022Man of GodEnglishDrama
20 April 2022The Turning PointItalianDrama
27 April 2022365 Days: This DayPolishErotic thriller
27 April 2022Silverton SiegeEnglishAction-thriller
28 April 2022BubbleJapaneseAnime
29 April 2022Honeymoon with My MotherSpanishComedy
29 April 2022Rumspringa – An Amish in BerlinGermanComedy

Netflix original films of May 2022

06 May 2022Along for the RideEnglishDrama
06 May 2022The TakedownFrenchAction-comedy
06 May 2022TharHindiWestern thriller
13 May 2022Senior YearEnglishComedy
18 May 2022ToscanaDanishDrama
19 May 2022A Perfect PairingEnglishRomantic comedy
20 May 2022F*ck Love TooDutchComedy
23 May 2022GodspeedTurkishDrama

Netflix original films of June 2022

03 June 2022InterceptorEnglishAction drama
08 June 2022HustleEnglishSports
10 June 2022Trees of PeaceEnglishDrama
15 June 2022CentauroSpanishAction-thriller
15 June 2022Heart ParadePolishRomantic comedy
15 June 2022The Wrath of GodSpanishThriller
17 June 2022SpiderheadEnglishScience fiction action thriller
20 June 2022Doom of LoveTurkishDrama
22 June 2022Love & GelatoEnglishRomance
28 June 2022BlastedNorwegianScience fiction / comedy
29 June 2022BeautyEnglishDrama

Netflix original films of July 2022

06 July 2022Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In BetweenEnglishRomantic comedy
08 July 2022Dangerous LiaisonsFrenchRomantic drama
08 July 2022JewelEnglishDrama
08 July 2022The Sea BeastEnglishAnimated adventure
11 July 2022For JojoGermanDrama
13 July 2022Under the Amalfi SunItalianComedy drama
15 July 2022Love GoalsHindiComedy
15 July 2022PersuasionEnglishDrama
22 July 2022The Gray ManEnglishSpy thriller
27 July 2022RecurrenceSpanishThriller
28 July 2022A Cut AbovePortugueseComedy
29 July 2022The EntitledFilipinoRomantic comedy
29 July 2022Purple HeartsEnglishRomance

Netflix original films of August 2022

03 August 2022BubaGermanComedy
03 August 2022Don’t Blame Karma!SpanishRomantic comedy
04 August 2022Wedding SeasonEnglishComedy
05 August 2022CarterKoreanAction
05 August 2022DarlingsHindiComedy drama
05 August 2022Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The MovieEnglishAnimated action-adventure
10 August 2022HeartsongTurkishRomantic comedy
12 August 202213: The MusicalEnglishMusical
12 August 2022Day ShiftEnglishFantasy comedy
17 August 2022Look Both WaysEnglishRomantic comedy
17 August 2022RoyalteenNorwegianComing-of-age
19 August 2022The Next 365 DaysEnglishErotic thriller
25 August 2022That’s AmorEnglishRomantic comedy
26 August 2022Loving AdultsDanishThriller
26 August 2022Me TimeEnglishComedy
26 August 2022Seoul VibeKoreanAction
31 August 2022I Came ByEnglishThriller

Netflix original films of September 2022

01 September 2022Fenced inPortugueseComedy
01 September 2022Love in the VillaEnglishRomantic comedy
02 September 2022The Festival of TroubadoursTurkishDrama
09 September 2022End of the RoadEnglishCrime thriller
09 September 2022No LimitFrenchThriller
14 September 2022Broad PeakPolishThriller
16 September 2022Do RevengeEnglishBlack comedy
16 September 2022Drifting HomeJapaneseAnime
16 September 2022I Used to Be FamousEnglishMusical comedy
16 September 2022JogiHindiDrama
21 September 2022The PerfumierGermanCrime drama
23 September 2022A Jazzman’s BluesEnglishDrama
23 September 2022LouEnglishThriller
23 September 2022AthenaFrenchDrama
28 September 2022BlondeEnglishBiographical drama
30 September 2022Anikulapo‎YorubaFantasy drama
30 September 2022Plan A Plan BHindiRomantic comedy
30 September 2022RainbowSpanishFantasy drama

Netflix original films of October 2022

05 October 2022Jumping from High PlacesItalianDrama
05 October 2022Mr. Harrigan’s PhoneEnglishHorror
05 October 2022TogoSpanishThriller
07 October 2022Doll HouseFilipinoDrama
07 October 2022Luckiest Girl AliveEnglishMystery
07 October 2022Old PeopleGermanHorror
11 October 2022Someone BorrowedPortugueseRomantic comedy
14 October 2022The Curse of Bridge HollowEnglishComedy
19 October 2022The School for Good and EvilEnglishChildren’s fantasy
19 October 2022The StrangerEnglishThriller
21 October 202220th Century GirlKoreanRomantic
26 October 2022HellholePolishHorror
26 October 2022Robbing MussoliniItalianAction comedy
26 October 2022The Good NurseEnglishDrama
27 October 2022Beyond the UniversePortugueseRomantic drama
28 October 2022CiciTurkishDrama
28 October 2022All Quiet on the Western FrontGermanWar drama
28 October 2022Wendell & WildEnglishStop motion fantasy horror comedy
28 October 2022Wild is the WindTBATBA

Netflix original films of November 2022

01 November 2022The TakeoverDutchAction / thriller
09 November 2022NoiseSpanishDrama
10 November 2022Falling for ChristmasEnglishRomantic comedy
10 November 2022Lost Bullet 2: Back For MoreFrenchAction
11 November 2022Don’t LeaveTurkishDrama
11 November 2022Monica, O My DarlingHindiNeo-noir comedy thriller
11 November 2022My Father’s DragonEnglishAnimated adventure
16 November 2022The WonderEnglishPsychological drama
16 November 2022The Lost LotteriesThaiComedy
17 November 2022Christmas With YouEnglishRomantic comedy
18 November 2022SlumberlandEnglishFantasy adventure
23 November 2022Christmas on Mistletoe FarmPolishComedy
23 November 2022Lesson PlanEnglishCrime Drama
23 November 2022The SwimmerEnglishDrama
23 November 2022Who’s a Good Boy?SpanishComedy
24 November 2022The Noel DiaryEnglishDrama
30 November 2022A Man of ActionSpanishBiopic
30 November 2022Christmas Full of GracePortugueseRomantic comedy
30 November 2022My Name is VendettaItalianThriller

Netflix original films of December 2022

01 December 2022QalaHindiDrama
01 December 2022TrollNorwegianMonster
02 December 2022Lady Chatterley’s LoverEnglishRomantic drama
02 December 2022Scrooge: A Christmas CarolEnglishAnimation
06 December 2022Delivery by ChristmasPolishRomantic comedy
07 December 2022Burning PatienceSpanishDrama
07 December 2022The Marriage AppSpanishDrama
09 December 2022Guillermo Del Toro’s PinocchioEnglishStop motion fantasy musical drama
14 December 2022I Believe in SantaEnglishRomantic comedy
15 December 2022The Big 4IndonesianAction-comedy
16 December 2022Bardo (or False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths)SpanishComedy
16 December 2022Private LessonTurkishRomantic comedy
20 December 2022A Not So Merry ChristmasSpanishComedy
23 December 2022Glass Onion: A Knives Out MysteryEnglishMurder mystery
28 December 2022A Night at the KindergartenPolishBlack comedy
30 December 2022White NoiseEnglishBlack comedy

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