Famous People’s Birthday on 8 January


Famous People’s (Indian Celebrities and International Celebrities) Birthday today on 8 January

Here is a list of famous Indian and International celebrities (famous people) born on 8 January. The list includes names of Film and Television CelebritiesPoliticians, and Sports Personalities.

Film and Television Celebrities born on 8 January

Date of BirthNameAgeProfessionNationality
08 January 1908Fearless Nadia97ActressAustralian, Indian
08 January 1911Alicia Vignoli85ActressArgentine
08 January 1923Larry Storch99ActorAmerican
08 January 1925Mohan Rakesh46PlaywrightIndian
08 January 1926Kelucharan Mohapatra78ChoreographerIndian
08 January 1929Saeed Jaffrey86ActorIndian, British
08 January 1933Supriya Devi85ActressIndian
08 January 1936Kajal Gupta60ActressIndian
08 January 1939Nanda74ActressIndian
08 January 1949Anne Schedeen75ActressAmerican
08 January 1952Devan72ActorIndian
08 January 1953Vijayasree21ActressIndian
08 January 1965Debshankar Haldar59ActorIndian
08 January 1967Perarasu57FilmmakerIndian
08 January 1969Ami Dolenz55ActressAmerican
08 January 1969Mikey McCleary55Music Composer, LyricistIndian
08 January 1972Paritosh Painter52Actor, FilmmakerIndian
08 January 1975Harris Jayaraj49Actor, Music ComposerIndian
08 January 1976Alexandre Pires48Lyricist, SingerBrazilian
08 January 1977Alison Faulk47Actress, ModelAmerican
08 January 1977Amber Benson47Actress, Model, Filmmaker, SingerAmerican
08 January 1979Harpreet Sandhu45Actor, Filmmaker, Music Composer, ChoreographerIndian
08 January 1981Praveen Mayakar43Music Composer, Lyricist, SingerIndian
08 January 1983Ranjan Ghosh41Filmmaker, ScreenwriterIndian
08 January 1983Tarun Kumar41ActorIndian
08 January 1984Badekkila Pradeep40ActorIndian
08 January 1984Praveen40ActorIndian
08 January 1985Aarti Puri39Actress, ModelIndian
08 January 1985Adi Shankar39FilmmakerIndian, American
08 January 1986Sagarika Ghatge38ActressIndian
08 January 1986Yash38ActorIndian
08 January 1987Anastasios Soulis37ActorSwedish
08 January 1987K Krishna Kumar37Music Composer, LyricistIndian
08 January 1987Kanan Malhotra37ActorIndian
08 January 1988Allison Harvard36ActressAmerican
08 January 1989Karan Soni35ActorIndian
08 January 1990Nusrat Jahan34ActressIndian
08 January 1990Varun Toorkey34ActorIndian

Sports Personalities born on 8 January

Date of BirthNameAgeProfessionNationality
08 January 1902Jack Iddon44CricketerEnglish
08 January 1909Bruce Mitchell86CricketerSouth African
08 January 1913Lionel Emmett83Hockey PlayerIndian
08 January 1923Johnny Wardle62CricketerEnglish
08 January 1950Dipankar Sarkar74CricketerIndian
08 January 1961Shoaib Mohammad63CricketerPakistani
08 January 1965Champaka Ramanayake59CricketerSri Lankan
08 January 1968Desmond Chumney56CricketerCanadian
08 January 1968Ian Dixon56CricketerZimbabwean
08 January 1970Zubin Bharucha54CricketerIndian
08 January 1973Srinath Prahlad51Tennis playerIndian
08 January 1978Rohit Sabharwal46CricketerIndian
08 January 1980Barrington Rowland44CricketerIndian
08 January 1986Asela Gunaratne38CricketerSri Lankan
08 January 1986Karanjit Singh38FootballerIndian
08 January 1986Tino Mawoyo38CricketerZimbabwean
08 January 1990Gurjeet Aulakh34CricketerCanadian
08 January 1991Ali Manzoor33CricketerPakistani
08 January 1991Josh Hazlewood33CricketerAustralian
08 January 1999Manoj Mohammed25FootballerIndian

Famous Politicians born on 8 January

Date of BirthNameAgeProfessionNationality
08 January 1903S. Venkataraman77PoliticianIndian
08 January 1924Geeta Mukherjee76PoliticianIndian
08 January 1936Jyotindra Nath Dixit68DiplomatIndian
08 January 1941R. V. Janakiraman78PoliticianIndian
08 January 1944Patangrao Kadam74PoliticianIndian
08 January 1954Chhatar Singh Darbar69PoliticianIndian
08 January 1957Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh67PoliticianIndian
08 January 1957Vijay Kumar Chaudhary67PoliticianIndian
08 January 1964Bhuma Nagi Reddy53PoliticianIndian
08 January 1964Ram Kumar Sharma60PoliticianIndian
08 January 1969Chintamani Malviya55PoliticianIndian
08 January 1972Charan Waghmare52PoliticianIndian
08 January 1985Harsh Sanghavi39PoliticianIndian
08 January 1986Aparupa Poddar38PoliticianIndian
08 January 1990Nusrat Jahan34PoliticianIndian

Famous Artists born on 8 January

Date of BirthNameAgeProfessionNationality
08 January 1909Ashapoorna Devi86Poet, WriterIndian
08 January 1947Himanshi Shelat77WriterIndian
08 January 1953Surendra Dubey71PoetIndian
08 January 1973Madhulika Liddle51WriterIndian
08 January 1977Amber Benson47WriterAmerican
08 January 1979Harpreet Sandhu45Poet, WriterIndian

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