Famous People’s Birthday on 22 October


Famous People’s (Indian Celebrities and International Celebrities) Birthday today on 22 October

Here is a list of famous Indian and International celebrities (famous people) born on 22 October. The list includes names of Film and Television CelebritiesPoliticians, and Sports Personalities.

Film and Television Celebrities born on 22 October

Date of BirthNameAgeProfessionNationality
22 October 1902D. N. Madhok79Songwriter, LyricistIndian
22 October 1920B. M. Vyas92ActorIndian
22 October 1927Hassan Tariq54FilmmakerPakistani
22 October 1937Kader Khan81Screenwriter, Actor, FilmmakerIndian
22 October 1952Rajendra Singh Babu71Screenwriter, FilmmakerIndian
22 October 1957Kitu Gidwani66ActressIndian
22 October 1962Akhil Mishra61ActorIndian
22 October 1969Anil Radhakrishnan Menon54FilmmakerIndian
22 October 1976Prem47Actor, Songwriter, Lyricist, FilmmakerIndian
22 October 1977Joju George46ActorIndian
22 October 1978Farah Sultan Ahmed45FilmmakerIndian
22 October 1980Nisha Rajagopal43SingerIndian
22 October 1984Amitosh Nagpal39ActorIndian
22 October 1988Parineeti Chopra35ActressIndian
22 October 1993Anjalie Gupta30ActressIndian
22 October 1993Jay Chhaniyara30Actor, ComedianIndian
22 October 1994Rio Raj29ActorIndian
22 October 1997Ritvik Arora26ActorIndian

Sports Personalities born on 22 October

Date of BirthNameAgeProfessionNationality
22 October 1961Rajesh Deshpande62CricketerIndian
22 October 1962Ravi Thakkar61CricketerIndian
22 October 1965Piyush Khakhar58CricketerIndian
22 October 1979Abhinn Shyam Gupta44Badminton PlayerIndian
22 October 1979Rajat Bhatia44CricketerIndian
22 October 1983Ajay Lalcheta40CricketerIndian
22 October 1990Rishit Saini33CricketerIndian
22 October 1991Rahul Jaiswal32FootballerIndian
22 October 1992Timmeri Kumar31CricketerIndian
22 October 1993Jitesh Sharma30CricketerIndian
22 October 1993Satbir Singh30Hockey PlayerIndian
22 October 1994Sameer Verma29Badminton PlayerIndian
22 October 1997Sarfaraz Khan26CricketerIndian
22 October 1998Sumit Nagar25CricketerIndian

Famous Politicians born on 22 October

Date of BirthNameAgeProfessionNationality
22 October 1903Tribhuvandas Kishibhai Patel90PoliticianIndian
22 October 1911Brajeshwar Prasad68PoliticianIndian
22 October 1917Ahmad Bakhsh Sindhi82PoliticianIndian
22 October 1923Aftab Ahmad Khan87DiplomatIndian
22 October 1922A. Durai Arasan65PoliticianIndian
22 October 1924Saraswathi Subbiah80PoliticianIndian
22 October 1927J. Chitharanjan80PoliticianIndian
22 October 1929Kadambur R. Janarthanan91PoliticianIndian
22 October 1935Abu Nasar Khan Choudhury88PoliticianIndian
22 October 1935D. Y. Patil88PoliticianIndian
22 October 1938Manhar Bhagatram64PoliticianIndian
22 October 1940Vijay Bahadur Singh83PoliticianIndian
22 October 1964Amit Shah59PoliticianIndian
22 October 1965Ajay Sancheti58PoliticianIndian
22 October 1967Ahmed bin Abdullah Balala56PoliticianIndian
22 October 1971Kodali Sri Venkateswara Rao52PoliticianIndian
22 October 1973Dost Muhammad Khosa50PoliticianPakistani
22 October 1973Harish Dwivedi50PoliticianIndian

Famous Artists born on 22 October

Date of BirthNameAgeProfessionNationality
22 October 1876Haridas Siddhanta Bagish85WriterIndian
22 October 1906Bhabani Bhattacharya81WriterIndian
22 October 1911Prahlad Parekh50Poet, WriterIndian
22 October 1923Tatapuram Sukumaran65PoetIndian
22 October 1928Jayanta Mahapatra95PoetIndian
22 October 1946Deepak Chopra77WriterAmerican
22 October 1967Dheeraj Verma56Comics ArtistIndian
22 October 1972Tapan Kumar Pradhan51PoetIndian

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