Famous People’s Birthday on 22 December


Famous People’s (Indian Celebrities and International Celebrities) Birthday today on 22 December

Here is a list of famous Indian and International celebrities (famous people) born on 22 December. The list includes names of Film and Television CelebritiesPoliticians, and Sports Personalities.

Film and Television Celebrities born on 22 December

Date of BirthNameAgeProfessionNationality
22 December 1909Patricia Hayes88ActressBritish
22 December 1919V. Dakshinamoorthy93Music ComposerIndian
22 December 1920T. Chalapathi Rao73Music ComposerIndian
22 December 1936Hector Elizondo87ActorAmerican
22 December 1938Manoj Mitra85Actor, Filmmaker, PlaywrightIndian
22 December 1953Gregor Fisher70Actor, ComedianBritish
22 December 1959Avinash64ActorIndian
22 December 1962Ralph Fiennes61Actor, FilmmakerBritish, English, Serbian
22 December 1964Venu Nair59FilmmakerIndian
22 December 1967Johar Ali Khan56Classical ViolinistIndian
22 December 1968Dina Meyer55ActressAmerican
22 December 1972Ravali51ActressIndian
22 December 1976Maria Erwolter47ActressDanish
22 December 1978Joanne Kelly45ActressCanadian
22 December 1980Chris Carmack43ActorAmerican
22 December 1982Brooke Nevin41ActressCanadian
22 December 1982Gunn Kansara41Actress, ModelIndian
22 December 1987Isha Talwar36ActressIndian
22 December 1988C. Aishvarrya Suresh35Actress, Singer, ModelIndian
22 December 1991Amrita Gogoi32ActressIndian
22 December 1992Nimrat Khaira31Actress, SingerIndian
22 December 1993Aliana Lohan30Actress, SingerAmerican
22 December 1993Karishma Sharma30ActressIndian
22 December 2003Neel Sethi20ActorIndian

Sports Personalities born on 22 December

Date of BirthNameAgeProfessionNationality
22 December 1899Fred Pringle82FootballerAustralian
22 December 1886John McLaren34CricketerAustralian
22 December 1864John Hickson80CricketerBritish
22 December 1911Sushil Bose77CricketerIndian
22 December 1928Naresh Kumar93Tennis PlayerIndian
22 December 1929Wazir Mohammad94CricketerPakistani
22 December 1944Rash Sarkar79CricketerIndian
22 December 1947Dilip Doshi76CricketerIndian
22 December 1948Chris Old75CricketerEnglish
22 December 1967Roland Holder56CricketerBarbadian
22 December 1973Bart Hartong50CricketerDutch
22 December 1981Gary Pratt42CricketerEnglish
22 December 1981Kishan Choudhary42CricketerIndian
22 December 1983Creson Antao40FootballerIndian
22 December 1986Tanmay Mishra37CricketerIndian
22 December 1987Ademola Onikoyi36CricketerNigerian
22 December 1987Asghar Afghan36CricketerAfghan
22 December 1987Tarjinder Singh36CricketerIndian
22 December 1988Ashley Nurse35CricketerBarbadian
22 December 1988P. Jyotshna35Badminton PlayerIndian
22 December 1992Ashish Chettri31FootballerIndian
22 December 1995Anju Tamang28FootballerIndian
22 December 1995Ashith Surya28Badminton PlayerIndian
22 December 1997B. R. Sankeerth26Badminton PlayerCanadian, Indian
22 December 2001Harshit Rana22CricketerIndian
22 December 2002Frank Akankwasa21CricketerUganda

Famous Politicians born on 22 December

Date of BirthNameAgeProfessionNationality
22 December 1915K. T. Kosalram69PoliticianIndian
22 December 1927Prashant Kumar Ghosh86PoliticianIndian
22 December 1939Oommen Mathew73PoliticianIndian
22 December 1943Swadesh Chakraborty80PoliticianIndian
22 December 1945Pannyan Raveendran78PoliticianIndian
22 December 1946Mohammed Vizarat Rasool Khan66PoliticianIndian
22 December 1952Kunwar Sarvesh Kumar Singh71PoliticianIndian
22 December 1963Nitin Sardesai60PoliticianIndian
22 December 1971K. M. Shaji52PoliticianIndian

Famous Artists born on 22 December

Date of BirthNameAgeProfessionNationality
22 December 1666Guru Gobind Singh41PoetIndian
22 December 1761Eliza de Feuillide51WriterIndian
22 December 1875Nanda Kishore Bal52Poet, WriterIndian
22 December 1906Malik Ram86PoetIndian
22 December 1926Mohapatra Nilamani Sahoo89WriterIndian
22 December 1935Tarini Desai88WriterIndian
22 December 1964Venu Nair59WriterIndian
22 December 1993Leema Dhar30PoetIndian

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