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Annual List of Binaca Geetmala 1957

Binaca Geetmala 1957 was a part of Radio Show that ranked Bollywood Hindi Songs every week and thereafter at the end of every year. The show broadcasted from 1952 to 1988 on Radio Ceylon, the oldest radio station in Asia

After 1988, the customized moved to Vividh Bharati of All India Radio. The show proceeded until 1994.

The show was the absolute first commencement show of Hindi Cinema Songs and turned out to be monstrously famous in India

Ameen Sayani facilitated the show all through its whole run and acquired monstrous prevalence.

At its beginning in 1952, the program didn’t rank melodies, but instead played seven contemporary tunes in no specific request. Afterward, the program began positioning the most famous Hindi film tunes. The melodies were at first positioned by a mix of the quantity of records sold in India and audience votes. Fame was checked by record deals, decisions from record storekeepers, and prevalence among the shrota-sanghs or ‘audience members clubs’. Every week, the shrota-sanghs would send the radio broadcast their rundown of mainstream tunes. The clubs were shaped in light of the fact that it was workable for a record to be sold out at stores and in spite of the fact that there was interest to purchase more, the interest would not appear in record deals

The year-end records were accumulated dependent on focuses procured by melodies as the year progressed. Somewhere in the range of 1966 and 1970 there would once in a while be no focuses on the week after week broadcast, yet the year-end show would be founded on point framework

Here is the list of annual list of songs aired in the Binaca Geetmala-1957.

List of Most Popular Songs of 1957

RankSongFilms 1957SingerMusic DirectorLyricist
31Chun Chun Karti Aayi ChidiyaAb Dilli Door NahiMohammed RafiDattaram WadkarShailendra
30Jaane Kya Tune KahiPyaasaGeeta DuttS. D. BurmanSahir Ludhiyanvi
29Ye Mard Bade Dil Sard BadeMiss MaryLata MangeshkarHemant KumarRajendra Krishan
28Aha Badla ZamaanaMiss IndiaMohammed RafiS. D. BurmanRajendra Krishan
27O Mr Benjo Ishaara To SamjhoHum Sab Chor Hain (1956)Mohammed Rafi, Asha BhosleO. P. NayyarMajrooh Sultanpuri
26Kali Ke Roop Me Chali Ho Dhoop MeNau Do GyarahMohammed Rafi, Asha BhosleS. D. BurmanMajrooh Sultanpuri
25Ye Raat Bheegi BheegiChori Chori (1956)Lata Mangeshkar, Manna DeyShankar-JaikishanShailendra
24Ae Meri Topi PalatFuntooshKishore KumarS. D. BurmanSahir Ludhiyanvi
23Shamma Jalti HaiPaying GuestKishore KumarS. D. BurmanMajrooh Sultanpuri
22Thandi Thandi HawaJohny WalkerAsha Bhosle, Geeta DuttO. P. NayyarHasrat Jaipuri
21Badi Der Bhayi Kab Loge KhabarBasant BaharMohammed RafiShankar-JaikishanShailendra
20Jo Koi Dekhe Mera JalwaBaarishAsha BhosleC. RamchandraRajendra Krishan
19Ude Jab Jab Zulfen TeriNaya DaurMohammed Rafi, Asha BhosleO. P. NayyarSahir Ludhiyanvi
18Chhup Gaya Koi ReChampa KaliLata MangeshkarHemant KumarRajendra Krishan
17NakhrewaliNew Delhi (1956)Kishore KumarShankar-Jaikishan
16Main Bambai Ka Babu Naam MeraNaya Daur Mohammed RafiO. P. NayyarSahir Ludhiyanvi
15Maang Ke Saath TumharaNaya DaurMohammed Rafi, Asha BhosleO. P. NayyarSahir Ludhiyanvi
14Ina Mina DikaAashaKishore Kumar, Asha BhosleC. RamchandraRajendra Krishan
13Nain Mile Chain KahanBasant Bahaar (1956)Lata Mangeshkar, Manna DeyShankar-JaikishanShailendra
12Aa Ja Zara Mere Dil Ke SahaareEk JhalakGeeta Dutt, Hemant KumarHemant KumarS.H. Bihari
11Munna Bada Pyara Ammi Ka DularaMusafirKishore KumarSalil ChowdhuryShailendra
10Chup Ho Ja Amiron Ki Ye Sone Ki Ghadi HaiBandiKishore KumarHemant KumarRajendra Krishan
9Maana Janab Ne Pukara NahiPaying GuestKishore KumarS. D. BurmanMajrooh Sultanpuri
8Antam Fantam Chhod De BabuHum Sab Chor Hain (1956)Asha BhosleO. P. NayyarMajrooh Sultanpuri
7O Raat Ke Musafir Chanda Zara Bata DeMiss MaryLata Mangeshkar, Mohammed RafiHemant KumarRajendra Krishan
6Chhod Do Aanchal Zamaana Kya KahegaPaying GuestAsha Bhosle, Kishore KumarS. D. BurmanMajrooh Sultanpuri
5Aankhon Me Kya JeeNau Do GyarahAsha Bhosle, Kishore KumarS. D. BurmanMajrooh Sultanpuri
4Panchhi Banu Udti PhiroonChori Chori (1956)Lata MangeshkarShankar-JaikishanHasrat Jaipuri
3Laal Lal GaalMr. XMohammed RafiN. DattaMajrooh Sultanpuri
2Sar Jo Tera ChakrayePyaasa Mohammed RafiS. D. BurmanSahir Ludhiyanvi
1Zara Samne To Aao ChhaliyeJanam Janam Ke PhereMohammed RafiS. N. TripathiBharat Vyas
Binaca Annual List of Songs 1957

1957 Binaca Geetmala Highlights

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