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What is Bollywood Product

Bollywood Product (www.BollywoodProduct.in) is an online portal for those who want the best available information about Movies and allied matters.

Presently Bollywood Product is providing information for Hindi Movies and Hindi Dubbed Movies. You can find Upcoming Movie Release Dates, an updated list of Bollywood Movies from 1930 onwards, Song Lyrics, Filmography, Indian Film Awards, Film Reviews, a List of South Indian Hindi Dubbed Movies, Most Viewed Hindi Dubbed Movies on YouTube, Binaca Geetmala, and much more.

Our idea behind the Bollywood Product is to provide the best available information about Movies and allied matters in one place. We are providing the latest movie information (Hindi and Hindi Dubbed) with their release dates, etc.


The idea of Bollywood Product came into existence on 5 October 2018. However, it became fully functional only on 5 October 2020.

Ravi Bhattacharya was the Founder of BollywoodProduct.in. Initially, some family members and close friends landed helping hands, and they have now become an integral part of Bollywood Product.

The team of Bollywood Products mainly consists of Ravi Bhattacharya (the Founder), Shruti (Observer), Aditya (Adviser), Mridul Bhattacharya (Chief Executive), Aarti Sharma (Analytic and Content Creator), and Shweta Verma (Observer). 

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